Automotive Defects

The Toyota recall of over 8 million vehicles has put a spotlight on the devastating consequences of automotive defects. Recent statistics indicate that sudden, unintended acceleration is responsible for 52 deaths and 38 injuries thus far. Automotive defects, such as sticky accelerators, can cause serious injury or death to drivers and passengers.

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Common Car Defects

Today, the most frequent automotive defect making headlines is sticky accelerators in certain Toyota vehicles. According to reports, the car will begin to accelerate rapidly and the brakes will not work. In most cases the car tops out at around 100 miles per hour before the driver loses control of the vehicle. These accidents typically result in serious injury or death because of the car’s high speeds.

Other automotive defects range from mildly hazardous to life-threatening. While not a comprehensive list, some of the most recently reported auto defects include:

  • Airbags
  • Hydraulic brake malfunctions
  • Poor windshield visibility
  • Gasoline tank leaks
  • Defective tire pressure monitor
  • Problematic automatic transmission

If your car has an automotive defect that has caused injury or property damage, contact a lawyer immediately.

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