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Diving Board Injuries

While everyone is aware that there is a significant risk of a spinal cord or head injury when diving into water that is too shallow, many people do not stop to consider the risks associated with a diving board before an individual ever leaves the board. Fewer still consider the risks of an individual hitting one’s head on the board itself.

When an individual hits his or her head on a diving board, the possibilities for injury are unlimited. The most obvious injury that comes to mind is the potential for cuts due to the slightly rough surface of a diving board. The rough surface is good for preventing slipping when an individual is on the board but it becomes quite dangerous when an individual’s head makes contact with the board.

Another possible risk of hitting one’s head on a board is a concussion. There is a wide range of severity available for concussions; everything from minor to severe is possible. In addition, there is the chance of broken bones. These can be on the face (particularly the nose or the bones surrounding the eyes) but also the skull itself.

The most serious risk occurs when an individual dives from a high board, hits his or her head, and then lands badly in the water as a result. This is the most dangerous because landing badly on water from a high board can result in a broken spine. When an individual makes contact with water from a height, the water is almost like a hard surface.

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