Airplane Hazards

Flying is one of the safest methods of travel. The likelihood of crashing is highly unlikely. However, there are other ways in which people are injured on an airplane.

The leading cause of injury is from overhead baggage falling from the bins. These accidents can result in serious injury to the shoulder, spine, or head. Due to the bin’s location, if it opens at the wrong time, the luggage can fall on the aisle seat below it. Depending on the size and weight of the item, the person sitting in the aisle seat is at risk of being hurt.

Under product liability laws, the airplane manufacturer may be responsible for the faulty or unsafe design of the bin. If the bins were not closed properly before take-off, the claim would be against the airline for negligence. The bins are to be designed safely so they do not open in turbulence or rough landings. Even if the bin manages to come open, it should be equipped features which keep the luggage from falling. The manufacturer of the bin cannot let the passengers be at risk. In addition, the airline staff should take responsibility for making sure dangerous items such as wheelchair pieces are stored in a safer location.

There are other sources of injury such as those caused by food service carts. There was one incident where the cart ripped a prosthetic shoulder device out as it passed.

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