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Accidents at Nuclear Plants

Nuclear power is one of the most controversial topics concerning energy production today. While proponents point out the huge amounts of electrical energy this method produces with minimal greenhouse gas emission, there can be no question that nuclear power is also an extremely dangerous option.

Despite all possible safety measures, accidents at nuclear power plants still happen, and the consequences of even a small error or malfunction can be unimaginable. The radioactive materials used in nuclear power plants can be deadly when spread by air or water, causing a broad range of health complications for anyone who comes into contact with them.

Perhaps the most famous and lasting example of this type of incident is that of the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, in which more than four times as much radioactive fallout spread over Europe than was released when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The explosion at Chernobyl continues to affect ecosystems and untold millions of people throughout the world.

The worst nuclear power scare in the United States occurred in 1979 at the Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvania, when a reactor meltdown released several million units of radiation into the air. Although the health effects were determined to be minimal to those exposed, the accident highlighted the massive risks of nuclear plant use in metropolitan areas.

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